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CHESTERFIELD, MISSOURI   MAY 3, 2012:     Diners hungry for Mexican cuisine now have an exciting new choice as FIESTA! MODERN MEXICAN CUISINE opens its doors tonight at 185 Hilltown Village Center, near Hwy 40 and Olive Blvd. in Chesterfield, MO. Hours are 11:00am – 10:30pm Sunday – Thursday and 11:00am – 11:00pm Friday and Saturday.

Owners John Signorino, Gerry Moreno and Rogelio Aguirre offer a fresh approach to authentic and traditional Mexican dining. Their distinctive
menu features classics such as sizzling fajitas, 10-inch quesadillas, freshly-prepared guacamole and succulent empanadas. Combination plates and “Create Your Own” combos provide a wide variety of choices to delight even the most discerning palates.

When asked what sets FIESTA! MODERN MEXICAN CUISINE apart, Moreno replied, “We use the freshest vegetables from mostly local vendors, and the highest quality meat.”

In designing the décor, Signorino says, “We wanted to combine the comfort of home with the elegance of upscale dining, while uniting traditional Spanish influences with a sleek, contemporary look.” Soft pendant lighting and large, cushioned booths set the stage for intimate dining. Guests can sample the signature Fiesta! Skinny Margarita while admiring authentic artwork from Mexico which adorns the walls.

FIESTA! MODERN MEXICAN CUISINE is committed to exemplary service and fantastic food at an affordable price. They regard each and every one of their guests as “part of the family” and look forward to serving the Chesterfield community for generations to come!




First Look: Fiesta! Modern Mexican

By Emily Wasserman Thu., Jun. 7 2012 at 3:30 PM


Fiesta co-owner Roger Aguirre and his wife Estella in the restaurant's dining room.
Fiesta co-owner Roger Aguirre and his wife Estella in the restaurant's dining room.


Fiesta! Modern Mexican (185 Hilltown Village Center, Chesterfield; 636-536-0002) opened at the beginning of May. Gut Check stopped by the restaurant recently to chat with Roger Aguirre, one of Fiesta's three owners.

"I've always wanted to do something different than other Mexican restaurants, something more unique and authentic with a modern twist," says Aguirre. "Some items we have are similar to other restaurants, but the recipes are all our own."

The restaurant was born of talks between Aguirre and fellow co-owners John Signorino and Gerry Morano. Aguirre was working as the general manager at Iggy's Mexican Cantina (13645 Big Bend Road, Valley Park), which has since become Flip Flop's Cantina Grille, and Signorino and Morano were operating a tequila business. When the two men stopped by the restaurant and met Aguirre, the idea for Fiesta was born.

Aguirre is the mastermind behind Fiesta's menu, which offers everything from burrito carnitas ($9.99) with pulled pork and hot sauce to "Sopa del Mar" ($13.95), a soup with scallops, fish, shrimp, crab meat and vegetables. The menu also includes twenty chef specials, ranging from Mexican pizza ($14.99) to the "Chilaquiles Mexicanos" ($8.49), a traditional dish made with tortilla chips, topped with Chihuahua cheese. Aguirre developed the menu with the help of his wife, Estella, who is also from Mexico.

"In Mexico, there are different flavors from state to state," says Aguirre. "My wife is from the south of Mexico, and I'm from the north. So our menu reflects a mix of both cultures."

Freshly prepared guacamole at Fiesta! Modern Mexican.

Freshly prepared guacamole at Fiesta! Modern Mexican.

The restaurant stays true to its roots, as most of the food and liquor is sourced directly from Mexico. Aguirre even knows the family who produces the restaurant's tequila.

"I think it's important to use authentic Mexican ingredients in the dishes," he says. "My main motto is to have fresh, real food, and every customer I've talked to has noticed this freshness in our dishes."

The food takes center stage at Fiesta and Aguirre is already considering adding weekly or monthly menus to the restaurant's repertoire.

"I'm always open to new ideas," he says. "When I come to customers at their table, I ask them how they like the food. I wanted to offer customers a different taste, and I think I have."




Mexican Dinner: Fiesta!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

7:00 PM


Fiesta Modern Mexican

185 Hilltown Village Center, Chesterfield, MO (map)


The host will show you to our tables.

Price: $1.00/per person

Refund policy

It's been a while since we've had Mexican food in this group, and what a coincidence... a brand new Mexican restaurant just opened right here in Chesterfield!  Naturally, I had to check it out right away... and after a couple dinners there, I can say that I think it's going to be an excellent addition to the local scene... which means, of course, that we should pay it a visit!

Cuisine - It's Mexican!  Few and far between are the restaurants that can really introduce anything new into such a ubiquitous cuisine, and to be honest, Fiesta doesn't try.  Instead, they shoot for keeping it authentic, but at the same time, adding a modern twist.  So you'll find the usual suspects like burritos, fajitas, tacos, enchiladas, quesadillas... as well as a nice selection of chef's specials that include some interesting dishes that are less common.  You'll also find an incredible array of variations, sure to include either your favorite, or maybe a variation you haven't tried!  Case in point:  Probably my favorite traditional Mexican dish is a steak chimichanga.  Sure enough, the one at Fiesta is excellent.  But they also have a grilled shrimp chimichanga, and upon trying it, I daresay this is my new favorite dish - it was the best I've ever tasted!  In fact, seafood is one area in which Mexican food is quite rich, and Fiesta represents it very well.  If you are into the combos that are so common in Mexican restaurants, Fiesta gives you the best of all possible worlds:  A "create-your-own" where you can pick any two traditional dishes, with your  choice of meats!  And then there are the steaks, the chicken dishes, the incredible selection of soups and salads... you get the idea.   Oh, and leave room for dessert... I normally pass at Mexican restaurants, but the words strawberry empanada changed my mind!  In summary, let me make it easy:  If you like Mexican food, you're going to like Fiesta!

Price - Mexican food is traditionally a good deal, and Fiesta lives up to the reputation.  The majority of dishes are not over $10, and even the more expensive items (steaks, seafood dishes, etc.) are only in the low teens.  So not only will you get a delicious dinner, you'll get it at a great price!

Other Info - Fiesta is located in the Hilltop Village Center, which is on the northwest corner of Olive Blvd and Chesterfield Parkway.  It's in the building to the left of the Schnucks, near the left end.  If you remember the Blockbuster Video that used to be there... this is in that space!  Tons of free parking right out front.

I'll be looking forward to seeing lots of my west county foodies at Fiesta for some great Mexican food on Thursday, the 21st of June!

  • Melissa

    I will be flying home from Winnipeg!

    Posted June 1 at 6:08 AM 
  • Liway      (say:  LEE-y!)
    Liway (say: LEE-y!)

    Place is nice. I met Roger, the mgr and John, one of the owners. It's just down the street from my office. They were boasting about their margaritas. Guess now I must try one.

    Posted June 1 at 11:00 AM 
  • Annie Boulanger
    Annie Boulanger

    Neale, what the day/time limit for RSVP? I'm trying to convince my co-workers to join me for a fun evening!

    Posted June 15 at 10:42 AM 
  • Neale

    There is no limit, you're welcome to add a couple of guests anytime up to the event. Do be sure to update your RSVP if so, however.

    Posted June 15 at 4:44 PM 
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